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1) Direct Email copy:

SUBJECT LINE: Distribution Opportunity 

[First name],  

Hi [first name] 

Have you heard of this awesome New Distribution Company, TopLine Distribution? They have developed the ideal High Profit Plan that pays un-heard of profits on products they offer. 

They're giving new distributors the opportunity of a lifetime! Imagine having direct access to brand-name merchandise at prices so low, even major wholesale clubs, discount stores, wholesalers and factory outlets couldn't match them! 

I mean electronic products and devices, tools, gifts, jewelry, clothing apparel, cutlery, kitchenware, automotive products and much more - all available to you at a fraction of wholesale prices. In fact, at prices so low they’re almost beyond belief!

You would think you hit the jackpot! - And you would be right. Once news got out about the carnival of savings you offer, people would be lining at your door to buy from you. You simply show the products they provide, take orders, and send the orders to them. This way you have...

  No capital investment

  No products to stock

  No catalogs to print

  No overhead cost

  No packing shipping or handling products

You do none of this stuff because they do all that for you. They have the inventory! They have the warehouses!  They pack and ship direct to your customer with your name on the shipping label.

My friend, this is not just a hypothetical concept. It's a position you could be in within a matter of days!

Just imagine, all the wholesale companies and drop shipping companies would want to buy from you! Not the other way around. Better yet, you could have the lowest priced brand-name products on EBay!

You would be in a league of your very own because you wouldn’t be selling at retail like everyone else out there is trying to do.

Check them out  ....[your affiliate link here].

To Your Success,
(Your Name here)

2) Pay- Per-Click Ads... (Google, Yahoo, etc.) And don’t forget Classifieds Too!

a.      ADS for Pay-Per-Click ads or Classifieds:

5-10K a Month Part-Time
Market Our Hot-Selling Closeout
Products. Varied Product Line.
Pocket Huge Profits, Fast.
Drop-Ship Service Provided.
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Seeking Highly Motivated
Professional Sales Person.
Unlimited Potential Earning.
Training Provided.
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You may revise these ads above as needed. 

b.   Pay-Per-Click Keywords  

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Wholesale jobs Sell wholesale Commission job
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E-bay products Closeout products Overstocks

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5) Additional Tools to Help You Succeed In Your Affiliate Campaigns That We Highly Recommend. NitroMarketing. Eliminate the Success Killers that are keeping you from making the HUGE profits that you deserve!  

6) You may decide to purchase traffic to your site

There are several advertising agencies out there where you can actually purchase traffic and receive guaranteed visitors to your site. If you choose this method to kick start your affiliate or referral Namestick link you can go to ClassifiedAdCentral. Like any advertising, it’s a numbers game. Not every visitor will be a purchaser. This company actually guarantees results. If you’re not satisfied, they will re-run your ads for free. You can test this option by using a web counter. You can get a Free web counter at WebCounter.

7) Graphics: You can copy and paste the below graphics into your advertisements as you wish:


TopLine Distribution Plan                       

                                      TopLine Distribution Membership Card                                                                                     

Yours for Success,

TopLine Distribution Company


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